Friday, January 17, 2014

the journey to pain free walking 5

Day 5 after bunion surgery. I am still in the recliner for my days as well as nights.  I tried to lay in the bed yesterday but that did not go so well.  I think I will stay here a couple more days. Yesterday was a pretty hard day with pretty much pain.  Today, however seems to be a "world" of difference. Excited to wake up and feel so much better.  What a blessing the meals were yesterday that were brought to us.  I am not sure people really realize that even though people like me prepare ahead of time and cook things for the freezer, that someone still has to get it out and get it ready.  Hummm...... no more comments on that one.  LOL  I am very grateful for the meals that have been provided, to say the least.  Monday will bring my first doctor appointment since surgery and I can see the incision.  I am looking forward to seeing how well I am doing and having that first week down.

Much time has been spent doing things that I don't usually seem to have time to do, things such as searching Pinterest.  I will have to admit that it has been fun, but don't really think it is something I will make time for when recovered.  Huge waste of time when in all reality, I mean how many of those pins do I really think I will do.  It is always interesting to me how many wives and mothers say they don't have time for more important things but always seem to upload the latest on FB or Pinterest.  Just some mixed up priorities I think. Oh well, my own personal opinion.

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