Monday, August 31, 2009

jireh's 7th birthday

Our baby girl, Jireh, celebrated her 7th birthday on July 26th.  It was the first time she ever had a birthday party with friends invited (we always have family parties).  We planned and prepared for weeks for a Fancy Nancy party.  It was a huge success and everyone had a great time.
This was the table with all the decorations on it.  As you can see, Cinderella was there for photos!
This was the cake.  Jireh's sister-in-law, Laura, made it for her from a photo we sent to her.
This was her gift from us.  I used purple satin and motifs left over from a wedding to create
her a one of a kind princess dress.  She was so proud of it she wore it to church on her birthday for the evening service!
All dressed up and ready for the party to begin.
This is Jasmine with Cinderella!
When the girls arrived, they were given a wand.  Then they had their hair
 fixed up and their crown pinned in place.
Then it was off to get their lip gloss and make up. 
Each girl picked her color to take home with her.
Of course every princess needs her nails painted.
After all the makeup was done, nails were painted and hair was fixed the girls
were able to choose their own necklace, rings and sticker earrings. 
Once they were all ready, the party began!
Jireh choose rasberry sherbert punch, mini pizzas and a fruit plate for her menu.
They all ate up!
The first game we played was to guess what was missing from the
princess tray.  I allowed them a minute to view the tray full of princess necessities and then
took something from it.  Who ever guessed what I had taken won that item.  I took the nail polish off.
Jireh was the winner!
Then we played pass the crown (kind of like hot potatoe).  Jasmine won that
game and recieved the crown as her gift!
Then we played pin the tira on the princess.  What fun!
Next we opened gifts.  Jireh loves anything that she gets.  She
is such an easy child to please.
She got some Fancy Nancy books and stickers, new stroller & baby doll items,
jewelry and gum, doll clothes, camera and lots of money!
When we were done with the inside activities they were taken outside to blow some bubbles
that they had been given and play one last game of hide the crown. 
This is Jireh a couple of days later on her actual birthday.
She wore her crown to church that morning and her dress and crown that night.
We are so blessed to have Jireh as our daughter.  Below are just
a few things I love about her.  I wrote 7 of them down, one for each year.
1. She is full of joy.
2. She is a very pleasant child.
3. She is super creative.
4. She is fun loving.
5. She shows compassion on everyone.
6. She has a heart to serve people.
7. She is energetic.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

zoo trip

Wow, what a last few weeks! We met Grandpa and Grandma Jacobs at the St. Louis Zoo the end of June for a day of fun.

My good friend Doris Winkler came and she brought her grandaughter. It was nice to get to spend time with them.

The first thing we did was pet the stingrays. It was great. Although Jireh was not interested at all!

The perfect ending to the perfect day.... Grandma Jacobs bought them a funnel cake to share. Yummy... what a special treat!