Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy anniversary to me

Thirty-one years ago today, I married what would become the love of my life.  I was just a child bride at the age of seventeen years and two months old.  No, I was not pregnant!  I just thought I was in love.  Little did I know what love really was.  I was only a junior in high school and promised my parents that I would finish school if they allow me to marry.  I did just that.  As we have both grown closer to our Lord over the years we have automatically grown closer to one another.  I never take for granated though that the adversary is always there desiring to destroy my marriage.  It is a daily task to make sure that I have a right spirit towards my husband and home so that my marriage will be protected.  Has our marriage ever had problems?  Well of course, all things that are worth anything have their struggles but God has been faithful and always drawn us back to Himself!

what do I do all day long

I truly ment to keep this blog updated when I first started it.  Wow, it looks like that did not happen.  What a year it has been.  So here goes again.  Ladies often ask me what I do all day as a stay at home mom.  I almost always chuckle as I think about just what it is that I do.  Let's take yesterday for instance.  Up at 5AM and get David off to work  (so blessed that he has a job).  Read my Bible and spend some time fellowshipping with the Lord.  Then outside to prepare and spray the weeds in the cracks of the concrete as well as the fence line and flower beds.  Take care of all the pool needs, cleaning filter, vacuuming pool, adjusting saltwater pump, testing.  Then it is time to draw water from the rainwater barrell to water the hanging plants.  Back inside it is now time to wake the children so their day can get started.  They go down the list of "must do" things before they start their daily chores.  Things like make your bed, comb your hair, brush your teeth, read your Bible, eat breakfast  and so on.  Then it is time to oversee that the chores get finished properly.  After chores then comes music practice.  Jonathan piano and Jasmine on the flute.  I like to sit and make sure they are counting notes properly and doing all that they are required to do.... there just went an hour and a half.  Just about time it is all done, the lunch whistle rings to prepare lunch.  Jonathan did this today while I prepared to do the many alterations in my sewing room.  Lunch eaten, the children went out to play while I did some sewing.  After about an hour and a half of sewing I go out and announce that it is bike riding time.  We take off on a long bicycle ride.  When Jireh becomes worn out we head for home.  This is also after stopping twice to visit with friends along the way. Fast forward a couple hours and it is almost time for David to get home from work.  The kids jump into the swimming pool while I answer the door to a lady that wants her own personal showing of the Miche bag.  So while I am tending to her, David gets home and goes out to the pool to visit with the children.  An hour later dinner is done and it is time to eat.  Then our one television show of the week comes on, "Wipeout".  We watch that and then David and the children play a video game together.  I go back to the sewing room while they do that and then he tucks them into bed.  This is my late night for sewing so I stay up and cut out my newest grandaughter's bedding so that I can begin to sew it tomorrow.  Dropping into bed around midnight and it all starts over again at 5AM.  So my reply when I am ask what I do all day.   I never get bored or sit for very long at all.  I am busy taking care of the things that need my attention.