Friday, January 24, 2014

the journey of bunion surgery 12

What a great use for my least favorite vegetable!  Bags of frozen peas make the best ice bags of which I have been very fond of the past couple of weeks.  Got up several times yesterday but by the afternoon I was ready to stay in the recliner with my feet up again.  Amazing how you can just feel the feet swell as you are up and around.  I was able to also go up the stairs a couple of times yesterday.  Won't be doing a lot of that in the next few days but at least I can if I have to.  My right foot has almost gone back down to normal size.  They are both black and blue but the swelling is going down with each passing day.  That is, if I stay off them.  LOL  I just wonder what it is going to feel like the first time I put on those shoes.  YIKES!!!  About ten days from now and the doctor says we are putting on shoes.  I am sure it will feel kind of weird.  Anyway, so thankful for the couple of meals that were sent home for us on Wednesday evening.  What a blessing.  I have also received a few real life get well cards in the mail.  Many people don't send those anymore because they have access to e-mail and other social media but I will have to say, it was nice to get them.  Just another blessing from some very kind folks.  Looking forward to being up and around and back to the sewing machine!

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