Monday, March 2, 2015

there is a cinnamon roll on my table

So why am I writing about this.  Because there is a cinnamon roll on my table.  It is there because I am saving it for my husband. I forgot to put it in his lunch box this morning so there it sits, right in front of my face on the kitchen table.  You might ask why this is so important.  It is important because I do not want to eat that cinnamon roll.  I really don't.  I am ready to get healthy again and loose the weight I have gained this winter while living in our basement during the house renovation.  You can read about that at if you are interested at all.  That is another story.  Today it is about the cinnamon roll.

Do you ever wonder why you eat things that you really don't want to eat or need to eat?  I do, usually right after I eat it!  Not today.  Today I am thinking before I eat and the fact that I am so intrigued by it being on my table is causing me to think twice about why I even want to eat it.  Maybe it is the fact that I know it taste good.  You see, I have already eaten one of them. It was last night after dinner.  Nice and warm.  Maybe it is the fact that it looks good. No, I did not make this cinnamon roll.  It is one of those that you see in the store and it has that incredibly long list of ingredients that make it so appealing to the eye. Maybe it is the fact that my husband really doesn't need it either.  I mean, I take this job of help meet very serious and if I eat it, he will not be tempted beyond what he is able to bear.

No, it is not any of those reasons.  I have thought that it may be at one time or another, but not today.  Today it is about me living in the basement where there in only one big window that allows me to see outside. Outside that window is a huge tree that allows me to see nothing! I love sunshine.  I love light in general.  Light is so detrimental to my life on a daily basis.  I guess you could say that I thrive on light.  Today it is about being couped up in this basement for the last two years and not being able to look outside any time I desire.  Please don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for a warm dry place to live while we are renovating but for me, if I get "real", I will have to admit it has taken its toll on me.  To the degree of about 15 extra pounds that look like 25.  But, today....I will ask the Lord to help me to not eat the cinnamon roll.  I will ask Him because I know that His desire for me is to be healthy and full of joy.  I will ask Him because He is the only one that can keep me from eating it at this point.

So, what is the moral of this story, you might ask?  It is not really about the cinnamon roll at all.  It is about my heavenly Father that loves me so much He even cares about helping me to stay away from the cinnamon roll.  That is just a small thing but He cares about the small things and I am so glad He does.  So if you are struggling with something that you don't really think matters today, tell your heavenly Father because He truly cares for you and nothing is ever small to Him.  If it matters to you, it matters to Him. Take Him as His Word and trust Him even in the little things.

By the way, my husband was able to eat the cinnamon roll and take all my temptation away!

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